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    Thank you for the interesting presentation.
    Can you please explain, how you verify the correctness of the results that you obtain with your simulator? Are there any link-level simulations for comparison?




    the general validation and verification process of SimuLTE is described in the paper “Simulating LTE/LTE-Advanced networks with SimuLTE”, and the main steps are reported below.

    As for verification we mostly take advantage of the instruments made available by OMNeT++ framework, e.g. using anti-bugging techniques, monitoring the evolution of key metrics over time and in critical scenarios.

    For validation instead, we used the technique described by Zhou et al. in “Implementation and Validation of LTE Downlink”: we compared the throughput of the simulated scenarios against reference theoretical throughput, depending on the MCS used.
    However, unfortunately we do not have real D2D data to compare with. We are planning to perform such comparison in the future, e.g. using further deployments of prototyping tool such as Eurecom’s OAI Interface.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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