Calibration Coefficients

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    Elena, thank you for the interesting talk!
    Can you please explain in further detail, why the first stream is always performing better than the second stream.



    Thanks for your attention.

    In fact, this is all because of the Precoder selection.
    Ideally, it should be selected in the way that maximizes the overall Mutual Information (MI) for the UE. How it can be done? Mostly the MI computation for all the possible precoder choices must be computed online through Monte-Carlo simulation should be performed, and then the precoder that guarantees the max MI should be picked up, and this must be repeated on per subband basis. Or a set of look up tables can be used. All this is not very practical. In this work we base the precoder choice on the correlation between columns of the channel matrix (detailed in the paper), that insures max SINR for the first codeword only.

    In addition, parallel interference aware strategy is a suboptimal solution as we saw from MI plots. We are currently working on abstraction for SIC detection, where the proposed precoder selection strategy turns optimal, since we have to insure as lower BLER on the first stream, as possible.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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